July 21, 2009

Part 2: Early Mistakes At Sampa

This is a series of 8 blog posts that will describe more about my experiences building Sampa, my mistakes and what would I have done differently. About half-way through Sampa existence I’ve made a blog post named Top 7 Mistakes [...]

July 21, 2009

Part 1: You Don’t Learn This At Microsoft

This is a series of 8 blog posts that will describe more about my experiences building Sampa, my mistakes and what would I have done differently. I already wrote from a personal point of view and now I’m writing from [...]

July 17, 2009

Sampa: My first failed startup

It’s pretty hard to distinguish a founder from his startup. Oh, wait. Let me take that back. It’s not hard at all. It’s hard for the founders to detach themselves from their startup. It’s the “baby syndrome”. The way they [...]

July 17, 2009

Sampa: From Birth to Death

[If you don’t have time for the long version read the short version] Sampa was first conceived on my mind around 2001. The story is one of those “personal pains” kind of story. I’ve been building websites for family and [...]

April 28, 2009

Try this: Keep It Simple, Stupid (MG Siegler is wrong)

First of all, MG Siegler has joined TechCrunch a few weeks ago and he’s by far the best writer TC has ever had. He actually brought back my interest on reading TC after so many bad writers were ruin it [...]

March 23, 2009

The misleading AB Test

I have many addictions, including a very common kind of addiction amongst entrepreneurs: data-analyctites. We do a lot of AB Tests at Sampa and last Friday we just wrapped up test number 902 and are ready to start 903 (903 [...]

March 13, 2009

Lessons about Creating an Event and Human Nature

I hope you all saw about the Seattle 2.0 Awards that the team at Seattle 2.0 is putting together. I learned a lot on the last two weeks about many people that I’ve come to know for years, about human [...]

March 10, 2009

The Biggest Seattle Startup Event in History

After months preparing for this, I’m happy to announce the Seattle 2.0 Awards. An Award to recognize the top of the top from the Seattle startup scene. This is the first award of its kind in Seattle. Not only the [...]

February 19, 2009

The difference between resilience and stubbornness

A few weeks ago I saw a talk about one of those success stories after a lot of business near-death experience. For the n-th time I heard they just kept going and believing on their business, survived the downturn and [...]

February 17, 2009

Myth: Complex Problem with Complex Solution Equals Great Value

If you come to a technical background, you are more likely to think that customer only value things that you did that are very complex. For example, if you create a calculator application, people might not value as much as [...]

November 14, 2008

9 rules of thumb to detect BS on financial projections and assumptions

I’ll spare you the long story of my life and how I’ve got to be above average when detecting BS on projections and assumptions (financial or not). But there are a few rules of thumbs that you can use to [...]

November 06, 2008

Bad advice for entrepreneurs

I write this on my twitter: EU: Just heard some of the worst advices someone can give a tech startup founder. And within minutes had a dozen people asking me what did he say.  Well, it’s not a single thing, [...]

October 08, 2008

The big milestones of a startup

I’ve started Sampa in February of 2005. Like on people’s life, startup’s life is also marked by a few big milestones. The first employee, the first investor, the first customer, the beta launch, etc. Today, I’m very excited to announce [...]

October 08, 2008

The Launch of the new Seattle 2.0

Seattle 2.0 was created about 18 months ago and at the time I knew it would be a resources for entrepreneur, because I couldn’t find resources for myself like that on the web. I guessed there would be more people [...]

September 12, 2008

You don’t control your Brand

A few days ago while having a distribution channel discussion, the topic of brand dilution came up if you don’t sell directly to the customer and somebody said “you lose control of your brand”… And an automatic trigger fired on [...]

September 08, 2008

The new look of Seattle 2.0

I’ve been working for the last several weeks on the new look of the Seattle 2.0 blog. First of all, Seattle 2.0 is being moved out of the Sampa platform. Sampa is a family-oriented sharing service, so it made no [...]

May 13, 2008

How to not become old

For me, a clear sign that you are an old person is when you start avoiding or preventing change. I have this belief since my early twenties when I joined the workforce and saw some very pathetic examples of co-workers [...]

April 28, 2008

Seattle Magazine: Web 2.0 or bust

Great news. Sampa and yours truly have been featured on the Seattle Magazine on an article about Seattle (of course) and Web 2.0. Please, buy a copy instead of reading it online. :) Anyway, it tells a bit about all the [...]

February 29, 2008

How I became efficient with email

I just installed Xobni and one of the features was an Analytics that tells you the average time to respond email. Take a look at the graphic… Notice the amazing change in October. From about 2–4 hours on average to [...]

August 29, 2007

A self-healing server

I just deployed the most risk piece of code on Sampa to date. It’s a self-diagnostic app for our servers that try to recover in case of “issues”. I should be cheering and every customer should be jumping happy that [...]