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March 06, 2023

Accessibility Thinking

Accessibility in tech has, for as long as I can remember, been associated with disability inclusion. For most people, the word accessible is associated with blind or hard-of-hearing people. But there’s so much more to it! Accessibility has a broad [...]

May 16, 2022

Collaboration vs. Coordination: Why aren’t you achieving as much as you could?

The word collaboration gives the warm and fuzzies to people. If you see it in a job description, you are more likely to apply. When you hear an exec talking about it, you go, “Yes! Let’s collaborate more!” Collaboration makes [...]

January 21, 2021

The 5 stages of CTO & the CTO Career Chasm

Unsurprisingly, there are different types of CTOs for the various stages of a startup. What makes a CTO strong in one stage might turn into a weakness two stages later, and vice versa. I’ve been a CTO for the last [...]

December 14, 2020

Budget your software initiatives, don’t estimate them

For more than a decade, I stopped using estimations for features and projects. I *budget* them. The more I do it this way, the more I realize this is the right way to build agile software. When Estimating Software projects [...]

July 16, 2020

17 reasons why becoming an engineering manager is not what you thought it will be

I often find myself giving career advice to software engineers who want to become a manager. I also mentor and coach many managers who’ve made the transition, some more successfully than others. These activities happen inside and outside of my [...]

November 12, 2019

The 10-step skill ladder for you to achieve awesomeness

What does it mean to be the best software engineer possible? What does it mean to be the best designer? Or the best dentist, CEO, carpenter, recruiter, product manager? A decade ago I heard Jeff Atwood, the founder of Stack [...]

September 06, 2018

The unintended consequences of trying to do it all

On my first job as a manager at Microsoft, the software developers on my team were spending too much time documenting code. They were writing architectural documents, design docs (design docs for devs are not about graphic design but code [...]

May 30, 2018

The three-thirds executive

Over the last decade, as a startup executive, I’ve made countless mistakes. As a computer scientist, my brain tries to abstract the problem to a class of problems. Fixing the symptoms, although it might be the right thing to do [...]

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I've been obsessed with technology, product, and innovation for as long as I remember. I wrote my first software when I was 12; I sold my first software at 16 (a CRM tool for MS-DOS), and that journey continues until today.

I was born in Brazil, and moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft in the late 90s, mostly leading engineering at Bing. After seven years, the entrepreneurial call was too strong, and I left. Over 18 years, I've founded and built startups and startup studios in Seattle and in London. I've raised more than $40M for my startups in social networks, events, media, fitness, health, telecommunications, and more. I spent close to two years at Amazon, leading a product and engineering team in HR.

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I've built startup communities in Seattle, including what became the Geekwire Awards and the Geekwire 200. I currently organize the Acquired Seattle meetup, the Seattle Flow (for founders & Investors), and other get-togethers and groups.

I ran eight marathons around the world, and countless half-marathons.

Currently, I'm writing a book (publishing in Q4 2024). I'm building a startup to solve a problem for innovators (founders, product leaders, researchers, etc.), and I'm launching two communities in the coming months.

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I'm writing a book to help innovators think critically and deeply about their idea, learn how to articulate them, and inspire people to act. If you are a founder, a product/program leader, a tech leader, a researcher, a Managing Director in a startup incubator or studio, or you innovate in your job, this book is for you.