The Biggest Seattle Startup Event in History

After months preparing for this, I’m happy to announce the Seattle 2.0 Awards. An Award to recognize the top of the top from the Seattle startup scene. This is the first award of its kind in Seattle.

Not only the Seattle 2.0 team has been pitching in on ideas and suggestions, but we’ve got 30 amazing people who will help us select the finalists (after the public nominates them).

Check out the official blog post.

On top of that, I’d like to take time to thank Danielle Morrill. She got started on the Seattle 2.0 by making sure our events calendar was up-to-date, then she started writing about events, then doing video-blogging and she is now the Editor-in-Chief for Seattle 2.0. She is a rockstar waiting to happen and she is not only putting her time towards making this event happen, and she is sacrificing her personal time to make sure the Seattle 2.0 Awards is a success. I’m not articulate enough to say how much I appreciate the work she’s doing for this award. So all that I can say is Thank you very much Danielle!

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

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