Anything and Everything About Sampa, from business to personal.

The week we were announcing Sampa closing I wrote and published a blog post telling the story from a personal point of view, meaning, how it affected my life. One thing to keep in mind when reading my blog posts, is that I write to keep it to myself. It’s very powerful to go back 3–4 years ago into your blog and read what were you thinking back then.

Three days after we announced, I spent 4 hours sitting in front of the computer writing 8 blog posts on the business aspect of Sampa. The title is misleading because I could never include everything there is to know, but I wrote things I think people would most interested in.

Here is the list of the blog posts:

And just to be extra clear, there are two important points: First, everything you are reading is from a guy that failed to build a business. Second, even if I had done everything that I thought was wrong right I still could not guarantee either a successful business (profit) or a successful exit for Sampa.

I’ll probably do a few more posts about Sampa on this blog, then move on. There is just so much dissecting you can do.

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

I'm a technologist, founder, geek, author, and a runner.