The Launch of the new Seattle 2.0

Seattle 2.0 was created about 18 months ago and at the time I knew it would be a resources for entrepreneur, because I couldn’t find resources for myself like that on the web. I guessed there would be more people like me.

On its first year, the Seattle 2.0 grew very rapidly to more than 600 subscribers and 4,000 visitors a month, mostly due to the very popular Seattle Startup Index.

Then life got really busy (new baby) and I somewhat neglected to write new content on the Seattle 2.0, limiting mostly to events and the SSI. Readership started dropping.

After a lot of promises to myself to write more, to add more features, to do this, to do that, and not have executed on those promises, I decided to take into a different direction. Can I create a somewhat self-sustaining blog?

The answer was two-part. First, you can bring more people to contribute. And that’s what I did. I was surprised at how excited people were to be part of this, proof they have something valuable to say, wanted to do it and thought the Seattle 2.0 was a great way of doing that.

The second part of the answer was to create a completely automated technology to find and surface the most interesting blog posts from around the community that would add value to startups.

Now, there is one big vision change from the original Seattle 2.0 to the new Seattle 2.0. The old Seattle 2.0 was about entrepreneurs (like me). The new Seattle 2.0 is about Startups and people around startup. It’s a subtle, but important difference. It means that we want to be a great resource for everyone involved with startups, not only the founders and executives, but also investors, VCs, service providers, consultants, employees, the press, etc.

I hope you enjoy it and support it.

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

I'm a technologist, founder, geek, author, and a runner.