Bad advice for entrepreneurs

I write this on my twitter:

EU: Just heard some of the worst advices someone can give a tech startup founder.

And within minutes had a dozen people asking me what did he say.

 Well, it’s not a single thing, but a class of things. Lynn Taylor of Taylor Protocols was the speaker and he talked a lot about hiring/firing, but he used the context of medium and large size companies. That absolutely don’t apply to startups.

 The one thing that didn’t go well with me was when he said that “…don’t let people define their own role in the company… that’s a myth and it doesn’t work…”

 In a tech startup environment that’s not true. I will not say hire a person and then ask him what he wants to do, but you have to have flexibility and give people independence to find where they will contribute the highest value to the company.

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

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