The need for advisors amp; mentors

We live in a world of infinite options. From the type of beer at the supermarket to the career decisions you can make. It seems to be an even bigger problem for entrepreneurs and founders.

For the past three years, I have been conducting Open Office Hours where anyone can come and meet with me on any topic. On the first week of January, I sent an email to a few lists and put on Twitter/FB about my Open Office Hours. I had about 16 slots available for the next two months and in less than 30-minutes they were all gone! I added another 8 slots (3 times on Monday) and they were all gone shortly after.


Taking my “popularity” aside (sarcasm for those lacking sarcasm detection skills), I think there is a bigger thing at play here: People need truthful, unbiased advice about life, career, and where they should go.

One of the women who wanted to meet with me — and was disappointed that couldn’t find a slot soon—said the following on why she wanted to talk to me:

after burning out from 4 years at {redacted}, I would definitely appreciate bouncing thoughts off someone in tech who’s neither my personal friend nor possibly hiring me.

That sums up pretty well why most people want to meet with a stranger: it’s part confession, part therapy session, part counseling.

I hope more people start offering Office Hours to help others.

P.S.: My Office Hours link is

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

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