It’s a Brave Tech World….

Welcome to my new blog!

This blog replaces the existing “Brave New Word” (without L), that I used to have on TypePad. This blog will be my way of “dogfooding” Sampa. If it is not working well, it will affect me as much as any customer of Sampa.

The topics will be the same: Technology, Web, Development, Products & Companies, Security, Startup, Usability and once in a while a rant of sorts.

Sampa is different from other products because it is fully RSS-enabled. This means that you can have feeds at any “level”. So, if you are only interested in Brave Tech World, use this feed:

To receive every single thing that I do on this website, use

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

I'm a technologist, founder, geek, author, and a runner.