Holy sh*t, my first Marathon ever!

I just registered to run the Chicago Marathon in October 2013. This will be my very first Marathon. I think this is the first time in my life I’m starting something I don’t know I can finish. I actually don’t know and I won’t know unless I try it, so I will.

I think running a Marathon is one of those things, if you can, you should do once in your lifetime. And if I’m doing only once, why not do it at an epic event, with 45,000 running buddies?

The reasons I’m making this a public post are simple: motivation and accountability. Now that everyone knows I’m doing this, I cannot lie. I can quit. I can do it. I can’t pretend I never registered for it.

Why Chicago?

Chicago Marathon is pretty big. If you ever participated in an organized event, you know that you can draw extra energy from the other participants. It’s the second biggest in the US, and, it’s so popular they sell out registrations in just two weeks last year — likely to sell out sooner this year (so if you are thinking about registered, do it fast).

The timing is also perfect, October 13. I’ll be running the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon on late June and I can take July, August and September to grow my endurance from 13.1 to 26.2 miles. The course and weather should also be perfect to increase my chances of finish — it seems much better than the Seattle Marathon, or full Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon.

My goal will be to finish, even if I have to walk the last few miles. I’m really hopeful that I can do it under 5 hours as well, but I’ll be happy to just finish it. Want to join me?

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

I'm a technologist, founder, geek, author, and a runner.