A thing or two about becoming a tech entrepreneur

Last year I organized the StartupDay conference, focusing on what someone like me would liked to have learned before I left Microsoft to do my own startup (and ultimately failing). You can’t learn everything in a single day, but what are the top dozen things you should be aware of? That was the premises of StartupDay 2009 and it was an absolute success. 

This year we are doing it again at the same venue, same weekend, same premise, but different speakers. Although the topics will be similar, the content will be significantly different, which will make this conference valuable to last year’s attendees as well as new attendees.

If you were there last year, we know you loved it (actually, just 98.6% of you loved it, the other 1.4% thought we were giving money to all attendees and were pretty disappointed). So, don’t waste any time and register as soon as possible. If you were not there, you should try to attend to learn a thing or two (or ten) about startups and entrepreneurship.

Great food, great venue, awesome speakers, and most of the attendees are pretty cool people who just made the jump, are about to make the jump or are planning in someday becoming an entrepreneur. If you are comfortable at your corporate work and absolutely focused on climbing that corporate ladder, this is certainly not the conference for you.

A quick reminder that we did sold out last year, and it’ll probably happen again this year. So make you sure you register today or drop your email address on the “Remind Me” box (middle of the sidebar), and don’t forget to tell your friends who you think could be some awesome entrepreneurs someday. Actually, grab them and come together.

Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

I'm a technologist, founder, geek, author, and a runner.