A day in the life of a startup CTO

I’ve thought it would be cool to write a blog post about the randomness and full-stackness of being a CTO at a small startup. So here is a summary of my day today, which started at 6:45 AM and it’s finishing at 9:15PM:

  1. Triage new bugs logged on Jira.
  2. Check with all developers and designers if they are on track on their sprint tasks and if there are any blockers.
  3. Logged a bug a friend sent me via email.
  4. Sent a quick email to the team to remind them to soft-launch features at least a day ahead of official announcement date.
  5. Worked on a feature we are launching in a couple of weeks
  6. Talked to a lawyer to register a trademark of a name we are using on the product.
  7. Missed a 1PM call with an important partner. My bad.
  8. Interviewed a Mobile developer via Skype.
  9. Sent a podcast to the sales team with relevant information to help them do their job better.
  10. Worked on a 12-month Strategic roadmap document.
  11. Sent a data partner some feedback on a new prototype pedometer they will launch later in the year
  12. Looked at error logs and found some new issues, filed a few bugs.
  13. Fixed a handful of bugs/crashes on the site.
  14. Screened three resumes for mobile developers.
  15. Exchange several emails about strategy and big thoughts on the future of EveryMove with my CEO.
  16. Got a trademark infringement email from Apple. App rejected. Need to get permissions from partner to use its name.
  17. Checked NewRelic for some Mobile API performance issue.
  18. Discussed with two other developers a solution for a pesky database timeout issue we are having.
  19. Reviewed July 2013 financials for EveryMove.
  20. Send an email to the team to test the featured mentioned above before the big launch.
  21. Write a blog post about what I did today.
Marcelo Calbucci

Marcelo Calbucci

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